Playcentric Industries & Institute (PI&I) is an experience design and game studio as well as an institute, curating labs, teaching at universities and consulting at different organisations. Clients, from game studios and city planners to medical research centers and universities, get in contact to learn about game culture, digital culture, virtual reality, electronic and interactive arts, participatory design, ux and playcentric innovation. PI&I creates well designed solutions for many businesses and challenges in society, and always stays updated on future tech and trends.

A goal is to grow as an institute for the game and experience design communities in the Nordic countries with global connections and hubs. PI&I has supported start-ups, indie game devs, international artists/researchers through the game innovation lab and design collective Collaboratory, the Epic Unidragon Game Gallery and many labs, playtest events and playshops. We also produce Swedens only festival for interactive and electronic arts, Electrodome, and gatherings with international guests from the game and film industry. In the game lab we have run a lot of game jams and hackathons too, like GAMERella that we brought to Sweden from TAG in Montreal, Global Game Jam yearly, and we also hosted No More Sweden, Retro game jam, Human rights educational game jam and Science festival game jam.

PI&I works for inclusion, accessibility, equity and diversity in game culture and game development, as well as ethics in the digital domains, cyborg rights and human-computer co-creation. In 2015 PI&I initiated Diversi Gothenburg and Gothgames local gathering for and by game makers, and in 2016, together with a national group of game developers we started to re-establish the Swedish IGDA chapter.

PI&I is founded by creative director Jasmine Idun Isdrake, a cyborg and art house game designer currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. For CV, list of experience designs, awards and clients, visit