When: January 23, from ca 19.00/7pm

Where: Collaboratory, Polstjärnegatan 14, floor 2

Relaxed gathering for people related to the game industry. After the game panel and open discussion in the film studio, we walk across the yard to the lab Collaboratory where we continue the discussions, mingle and and say hi to the game jammers who will be making games there during the weekend.

At the game jam around 20.15, there will also be some C64 tunes played by Sarofer Zertaga.

Sarofer Zertaga is always screaming/singing and forever dreaming of Butterfly´s and those data-delicious Data Dragons. With a old 80´s computer and hen´s own voice as instruments Sarofer is here to create something beyond the constellations of the stars. Enjoy and have fun!  10924759_784811818278067_1481304277910317017_n





There is no funding for this so if you want to sponsor with some drinks or so let me know, we are also looking for tech sponsors for the game jams, exhibitions and workshops, contact