Jessica Blanchet

Jessica Blanchet is finishing her BFA with a major in Intermedia/CyberArts. Her main focus has been electronics and programming, but she developed a strong interest in the combination of technology and traditional crafts. Her work involves microcontrollers used with different sensors, lots of LEDs, wearable electronics and different conductive materials. She puts ornamentation forth in all her work. She explores themes of beauty over concept, processes over results and craftsmanship above all.

Jessica works at Hexagram’s TAG lab (technoculture, arts and games center) at Concordia University, where she does research in experimental controllers and takes part in the newly formed makers circle at the lab. She was the recipient of a research award in 2014, which led to her collaborating with artists Lynn Hughes and Kaho Abe on a new interactive game project.

Jessica will lead GAMERella game jam and workshops, and Global Game Jam with Gina and Jasmine. Read more about GAMERella here

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